How to Customise your BrandMe pages

Customising your BrandMe Pages

How to Customise your BrandMe pages

The BQIgnite Admin Console now provides you with greater flexibility to customise your company BrandMe pages and bring them in line with your brand standards. 
  1. To get started, access the admin console using your admin credentials. 
  2. Navigate to COMPANIES and select the company you would like to customise.
  3. Click on BRANDME PAGE to access the various settings. 
BrandQuantum Company Selection in Admin Console

General Configuration

  1. Browser Tab Title: Customise the text displayed in the browser tab for all company BrandMe pages
  2. Custom Browser Tab Icon: (upload a .ico file for this)
  3. Custom Header Image: This header banner image will undoubtedly make the page look like "your brand page". Remember to not make the resolution too low, in order to avoid "fuzziness". Uploading an image will replace the default BrandQuantum graphic shown above. If you delete the image, the default will BQ image will re-appear. 
The green highlighted area in the picture shows the BrandMe page header area.

BrandMe Page Header

For best possible results please use following specifications:

File Format: PNG or JPG.
File dimensions: 2077px x 535px (w x h). This height dimension is the maximum height but can be decreased. The width dimension is fixed and should not deviate from 2077px wide, for optimal results across platforms and devices.
File resolution: 72ppi.

  1. Heading Icon: This refers to the BQ arrow. You can switch its appearance completely off or choose to change its colour to one of your own brand colours (as loading on your BrandMail toolbars under brand standards):
BrandMe Page Heading Icon Colour Seection
  1. Display Map: This allows you to switch the Google Map on and off from the BrandMe page
  2. Override Industry Recognition and Awards Label: Ticking this allows you to change the label for all the BrandMe pages. For example, if you wanted your users to write a short bio about themselves, this would be a useful field to use (note the character limit for the contents of this field for users is 1000 characters). 


  1. Fonts: The fonts section allows you to specify the font, size and colour for each element on the BrandMe page.
BrandMe Page Font Settings

Note: if you would like to use your brand fonts, please make sure these have been loaded onto at least one of your BrandMail toolbars. See  BrandMail: Loading Fonts onto toolbars. Once your fonts have been loaded, they will automatically be available for you to use on your BrandMe page. 

Employee Name: This is always displayed in capitals. You can edit the font, the font size and the font colour. 
Text Labels: e.g. Department and Birthday Labels
Text: The actual field data displayed from the Signature Metadata Information
Disclaimer: The disclaimer text is always set in the same font as the text fields


You may customize the colours for the following elements:

Page Background: the BrandMe page background
Panel Background: the area outside of the BrandMe page (outermost area)
Employee Name: Display name
Heading Icon: the BrandQuantum arrow
Section Headings: Personal Details and Industry Recognition and Awards
Text Labels: Usually Department and Birthday
Text: Each user's unique information
Disclaimer: Disclaimer text set at company or user level
Link: Colour which displays for any items which contain hyperlinks
Link Hover: Colour which displays on mouse-over

In order to view your progress on any customisation's made, please access a user's BrandMe page. See how to view a user's BrandMe page from the admin console. To edit the display of specific fields on the BrandMe page, please see Company Settings in the Admin Console
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