How to add BrandMe page headers and footers

BrandMe Page Header and Footer Banners

Add Multiple BrandMe Page Headers and Footers

BrandMe pages just got even better with the introduction of rotational BrandMe page header and footer banners. Add multiple headers and footers for multiple user groups and leverage your digital marketing activities with measurable call to actions and hyperlinks. 

Adding header banners

The artwork size for BrandMe page header banners is 700px by 180px. Once you have your banner artwork ready:
  1. Locate the BrandMail toolbar where you would like to add the BrandMe page header
  2. Right-mouse click on the BrandMe Page Headers folder (in Mail Format)
  3. Select Add Header / Footer templates
  4. Type: specify whether it is a header or footer banner
  5. URL: This is the link the banner should redirect to
  6. Availability: if it is a limited offer, you can specify a start and end date for the BrandMe page header campaign

Edit banners in editor

To insert your BrandMe page header or footer open the header / footer template designer. Select the IMAGE button to locate the header image artwork. Use the editor controls to position and size the image correctly. For optimal results use a canvas and image size of 700px by 180px.

Preview your header/footer banners

To preview your header / footer banner, open a signature record for a user which is connected to the toolbar where you have added a header / footer banner:

Make a small edit to the signature information to ensure the cache is cleared for the page before it loads.

Just like with rotational email banners, you can add as many banners as you would like. Multiple banners will randomly flight as the page is reloaded.

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