How to create new mailers using existing mail headers and mail templates

Create a mailer using an existing mail template

How to create new mailers using existing mail headers and mail templates

STEP 1: Edit mailer header artwork

Locate your mailer header on the relevant toolbar and edit the text as required.

STEP 2: Download header image

Download your updated header image and save the image file to a location where you will readily find it.

TIP: Select your image and copy it to your clipboard to easily replace the existing image in your mailer.

STEP 3: Open existing mailer

Download an existing mailer from your toolbar to use as the basis for your new one (either from the platform or a BrandOffice toolbar). Save the file using your new mailer name.
NB: Mailers are Word documents (not templates), so save as a .docx file.

STEP 4: Edit mailer

Edit the rest of the mailer text as required. Preferably, use your BrandOffice toolbar to set required styles.

TIP: To view your mailer as it will appear in Outlook (HTML View) click on VIEW Web Layout. 

STEP 5: Upload the new mailer

Upload the new mailer to the toolbar and SAVE. Find the desired folder (or create a new folder), right-mouse click to open the menu and select Add Bundled Content Insert.  Select the Word document (.docx) containing your complete mailer.

The following fields need to be specified:

Name: File name (remember that this gets used in Brand Search so needs to match what a user might expect to find when searching for the mailer)
To Address: If your mailer will always be sent to the same recipient e.g. an internal instruction email, you can pre-fill in this email address here. 
Subject: This is the text for the email subject line, which will be automatically autocompleted when users access the mailer from t he BrandMail toolbar
Document Template: This is your MS Word Content Insert (.docx)
Bundled Files: Should attachments be required for your mailer, please upload each attachment individually. 
Owner: This field is not mandatory to complete but will assist you with template maintenance when identifying templates which are managed by designated "document owners". Also see how to add document owners.

Availability: As a default the mailer will become available immediately. Should the mailer only need to be active at a future date, you may specify a start date by clicking  AVAILABILITY.

STEP 6: Sync and test

Synchronize your BrandMail toolbar and test your mailer to ensure it is working as expected.

The mailer will become available to users through their normal synchronization cycle. If you would like the mailers to sync to the workstations immediately, force a sync at the user, division or company level.

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