How to Force a User Sync

How to Force a User Sync

How do you force a user sync?

There are many times when you may want to perform a forced user sync. These could include: 
  1. You have made changes to the signature metadata and you would like the user to receive these before the normal sync cycle happens
  2. The user signature is not displaying, even though all other settings are correct
  3. The user has synced but is having a problem receiving the latest updates
  4. You have loaded a new user and want to ensure the toolbars synchronise as soon as possible
A forced user sync is like a full refresh to check all documents. When users sync normally a check is performed to see that the latest updates have been received from the last date/time a sync was performed. When a forced user sync is performed all documents, templates, content, etc on the toolbars are checked again individually to ensure that the latest versions are there. 

Force User Sync: 

1. Navigate to the user and open their record
2. Click on Force User Sync

A message will appear saying: User will sync on next login

IMPORTANT: User logins are set in the platform to every 30 minutes, provided a user has connectivity and their application is open. This means that when you force a user sync, they will receive the latest update within 30 minutes of you performing a forced sync. 

This message is also displayed under the user last sync information. 

For quick results, perform a forced user sync and then ask the user to manually "sync data" this will ensure a refresh of the information in the quickest possible time. 
NOTE: All changes made to user records are recorded in the audit log. Should you wish to check changes made by other administrators to a particular user's record, you may view these under Audit Log History. 
In the example below, the audit log item for the forced user sync is recorded for both BrandOffice and BrandMail:

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