Synchronizing BrandMail (using Windows Authentication)

Synchronizing BrandMail (using Windows Authentication)

How to synchronize BrandMail when using Windows Authentication

If you are in an enterprise environment it is likely that you are set up to authenticate using your Microsoft 365 credentials. 
Once BRANDMAIL has been installed you should see the BRANDMAIL tab in Outlook:

You will then see a Microsoft authentication pop-up window come up.
Please do not ignore this pop-up, since BrandMail will not be able to authenticate you and your toolbars (and signatures) will not be able to sync. 


When the Microsoft pop-up appears, please click on your name / email address:


Your BrandMail toolbar will be greyed out whilst BrandMail synchronises (this should not take longer than 1 minute or so for an initial sync). The sync length is determined by the amount of content on your toolbar, as well as your connection speed. 

Once your BrandMail has finished synchronising your new signature will appear, when creating a new email or replying to an exiting email. 

Check Settings

Please ensure that your old signatures have been cleared, or they will interfere when replying or forwarding emails. Please follow these steps to check if your old signatures are still active, and / or to clear them:

Update Your Email Signature Information

If the information on your signature does not appear 100% correct, you can follow the steps below to update your information:


BrandMail is currently syncing to give you the latest toolbar updates. Please be patient. 

BrandMail is currently syncing to give you the latest toolbar updates. Please be patient.

This message will appear when BrandMail is synchronising whilst you try and create or reply to an email. If this message persists for longer than a minute or two (content dependant) it is likely that your BrandMail is trying to authenticate and is waiting for you to confirm the authentication. If you are not able to locate the Microsoft authentication window, please restart Outlook and it should appear. If you are still not able to locate it, please click Synchronize Data which should also force the pop up Window to appear. 

My cursor appears in the wrong position when replying or forwarding emails

Please clear your old Outlook signatures by following these steps

I cannot find my address in the drop-down

If your address is not available in the drop-down list, please log a request so an administrator can add the missing address. 

No signature or banner appears after my sync has finished

This may happen if you are syncing a second workstation, after a version upgrade, or when your connectivity speed has prevented all toolbar items from syncing correctly. Please ask your administrator to force a sync for your user profile or submit a ticket and we will refresh for you: 

BrandMail Frequently Asked Questions

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