How to add a signature for a user

How to add a signature for a user

How to add a signature and signature metadata for a user

The signature design for a user is dependent on the following factors: 
  1. The company the user belongs to
  2. The divisions the user has access to
  3. The business unit and department the user belongs to
  4. Any "rules" which drive the email signature

Check User

Before adding signature metadata, please ensure that the user exists in the BQIgnite Admin Console, and that the user is active. For more information on how to add users, please see the article on adding users manually: Adding users manually into the BQIgnite Platform

Before starting with metadata check the following for your user (by finding your user and double-clicking on your user):

1. Check that the user is active and is active for BrandMail

2. Select DIVISION and tick the divisions that apply

3, Click on BRANDMAIL and default (select) the default toolbar (this is the toolbar that will automatically apply. The associated signatures with this toolbar will be the "default" signatures. 


If a user already has metadata, the record will open. If no signature information exists for the user, then the blank form will appear in order to add signature metadata:

Add Signature Metadata

  1. Select the user
  2. Toolbar: Select the toolbar for which this signature will be added (this is very important to ensure the signature is linked to the correct toolbar)

3. Override Default Toolbar: Should a user have more than one mailbox in their Outlook profile, ticking this box will ensure that the signature will only apply to the mailbox which matches the email address used in this signature record.
  1. Fields with a magenta asterisk are mandatory, as per your company settings.  
  2. You will not be able to save the signature metadata until all the fields have been completed. 
Note: Settings for the signature metadata are controlled by Company Settings. These include settings such as case to use, social media settings, departments available, etc. 


Complete the contact information. Note the number formats are controlled by your company settings.
Select the physical address and postal address from the drop down menus. 
Should the physical address you require be missing, please add it under company addresses first so it may become available. 


Add the social media information as required. 


Additional fields are often used for greeting lines, additional messages on signatures, etc.


See article on how to create linked users here: Linked Users & Signatures 


The disclaimer for each user is usually the default disclaimer under the company settings. Should your user require a different disclaimer to the default disclaimer provided, you may edit the disclaimer. If the field is locked via the company settings, you can unlock the field for editing and relock it again. 


In order to view the email signature (new, reply) and any business cards, please select generated images. In the drop-down, select the image you would like to view. 


Note: The information which is displayed on each user's BrandMe page is dependent on: 
  1. Display settings for BrandMe page
  2. The information contained in their signature metadata (as above). 
  3. The BrandMe page is automatically created for each user. 
Note should you wish to change what is displayed on the BrandMe page, this can be done under  Customising your BrandMe Pages

Also see: How to Force a User Sync.     
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