How to duplicate a BrandMail toolbar

Duplicating a BrandMail toolbar

How to duplicate a BrandMail toolbar

Duplicating a toolbar rather than starting a toolbar from scratch, will save you lots of time plus give you the benefit of all the content you have already set-up on an existing toolbar. This could include brand standards, brand tools, signature template, etc. 

1. Locate the toolbar you would like to duplicate from your toolbar listing and select the toolbar. 
2. Click on the duplicate icon on the top right menu structure:

Duplicate toolbar function

3. This will create a duplicate listing which you can identify by all the additional temp characters. Double click on this toolbar to edit it.

4. Give it the required name.

Saving a new toolbar
5. Select the correct DIVISION

Toolbar division selection
Take care with this important step. If this toolbar is only for a subset of you team, ensure that you have created a division and only added those users to the division. 
6. SAVE your changes. 
7. Double check you work by viewing the new toolbar in the toolbar listing. A quick look at the number of users connected to the toolbar will tell you if you have connected your toolbar correctly to the required division:

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