Downloading and Install BrandMail (Admin Rights Required)

Downloading and Install BrandMail (Admin Rights Required)

How to download and install BrandMail (for non-centralised installations)

The below steps will guide you on how to download and set-up BrandMail. Please note that you will need Admin rights to run the application on your workstation. If you already have BrandMail but need info on how to set-up BrandMail, please see: How to Set-Up BrandMail

Before getting started please clear your old Outlook forward and reply signatures to ensure no interference. 

Step 1: Download the installation file from the link provided to you. Close down all Office applications and run the installation file by following the prompts. 

Step 2A: Open Outlook and find the new BRANDMAIL tab which will now be visible in the ribbon:

Step 2B: Click on Settings

NOTE: Windows Authentication is automatically ticked in the installation file. If you are NOT using Windows authentication (not likely if you are manually installing), please UNTICK the Windows Authentication check-box in order to be able to complete the username and password provided to you by your administrator.  

Step 2C:
Complete your username (your email address)
Password: the password provided to you
Click Test Connection
Once your connection has tested successfully, click OK

Note: Should you wish to use any other language other than English on the BrandMail ribbon, you can do so by enabling the Multilanguage feature. See How to enable Multilanguage settings

Step 2D: Click Synchronize Data

Once the sync has completed your new signature will appear. 

Step 3: Access Your toolbar content

Start a New Outlook email to see the full BrandMail ribbon and access your content. Note the full ribbon is only available when composing new emails or replying / forwarding existing emails:

Please also see:

Should you need any further assistance setting up your BrandMail please send an email to

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