Signature Template Does Not Exist!

Signature Template Does Not Exist!

Signature Template Does Not Exist!

This error is associated with missing signature metadata. 

In order to rectify, please ask your toolbar administrator to make a small edit to the relevant signature in the BQIgnite platform and then to force a sync from the BQIgnite platform. 
Once the sync has completed, the error should disappear and the correct signature should display. 

If the problem still persists, then  ask your administrator to delete the BrandMail database file, since the database may have become corrupt. 

Please do not worry, the database file will be recreated during the next sync. 

In order to delete the BrandMail database file, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the BrandMail Database File through File Explorer:

Another easy alternative for locating your BrandMail database is by opening Outlook, going to your BRANDMAIL tab, opening up the settings dialogue and copying the file path as shown below and pasting it into File explorer.

2. Delete the file called BrandMail.db
3. Resync the BrandMail toolbar, by clicking "Sync Data"

This will recreate the complete BrandMail database file and eliminate any corrupted files.
Please note that the sync will take a little longer than normal since all your templates will be resynced to your workstation from scratch.