Add email banners with rules - Department banners

Email banner rules

Add email banners with rules

Departmental banners

If you want email banners to only show for specific users, a department rule will ensure that the email banners only append to the emails sent by users who are part of a specific department. 

Step 1: Check department users

Ensure that the correct users are part of the department. Check the signature metadata for each user to ensure that their department is set to the department which requires the banner. To add departments please see: Adding company departments. If your user list is long, you can run a Signature Metadata Report to ensure all users have the correct departments allocated in their signature information. 

Step 2: Add banners to toolbars

Load your email banner onto the relevant BrandMail toolbar. Also see: Creating Email Banners using the Banner Editor.

Step 3: Set department rules

In the Rules input box, add your rule. 

Department banner rules

In the example above the department is set to the Information Technology department.

Copy and paste the code below, and simply change the department name between "" to your required department. Please make sure the department name is written exactly like it is in your department list in the platform.
if (input.Department == "Information Technology")
return true;
return false;
If the banner applies to 2 departments, please use the code below and replace the department names with the exact names of your departments:
if ((input.Department == "Information Technology") ||
    (input.Department == "Marketing"))
return true;
return false;

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