How to add drop down fields to mail templates

Adding drop-down fields to mailers

How to add drop down fields to mail templates

Mail templates create efficiencies for your users by giving them access to pre-approved mailers and content to use when creating new emails or replying to existing emails. Additional efficiency is created when providing fields for users to complete.

Mail templates take the form of content inserts, and make use of Microsoft Word Bookmarks.

Before getting started, ensure you have optimized your Microsoft Word settings to work with mail templates.

STEP 1: Highlight bookmark text

Open up your mail template (the word document) and highlight the text where you would like the bookmark to be inserted (this is the text which users will be able to fill in when using the mailer). 

Tip: Use the search function and type bookmark to call up the insert bookmark function

STEP 2: Insert bookmark

Click insert bookmark and give your bookmark a name. This is the name that will appear in the BrandMail drop down. Remember that Word bookmarks do not accept spaces, so underscores are a good alternative to separate words. Click Add

STEP 3: Upload mailer and test

Upload your mailer to the desired toolbar. Synchronize your toolbar and test. Also see working with existing mailers

The new bookmark now allows users to fill in the required content prior to dropping the mailer into the email. You can add multiple bookmarks. Each bookmark is then individually selected and completed in the drop-down menu. 

 You can add multiple bookmarks. Each bookmark is then individually selected and completed in the drop-down menu prior to insert the mailer into Outlook. 

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