BrandMail version 46: vacation line, greeting line and social media templates

BrandMail version 46: vacation line, greeting line and social media templates

Greetings and all things social

This version introduces some user requested features:

Greeting and vacation lines

Greeting lines such as "Warm regards", "Yours sincerely", etc. can now be included in the Brandmail signature templates for users to add to their signatures. To use these new fields, please enable them under the company settings and ensure the fields have been included in your signature templates. Once you have added the fields. please regenerate your user signature images.

New social buttons for BrandMe pages: Pinterest and Google Reviews

Pinterest and Google Reviews have now been included as optional buttons and links on the BrandMe pages. To use these, please enable these under your company settings. 

Additional fields: 6-10

Five (5) new additional fields have been added to signature metadata. These are completely configurable by you. 

Override toolbar by display name

The BrandMail shared mailbox functionality has been extended to include an override for signatures based on mailbox display name, as opposed to just email address. 

New banner type: Social media banners

Social Media banners are a unique type of BrandMail banner which allows you to leverage the user-specific email signature information. This includes a banner linking to a user's calendar page, their linked in personal page, their blog, etc. Social banners use the information stored in a user's specific signature field information (as opposed to a generic URL specified by an administrator). 

Mail template enhancements (Bundled content inserts)

  • Attachments: Content inserts (known as bundled content inserts) now allow for the inclusion of attachments (such as PDFs) 
  • Don't show content insert: When creating or editing mail templates (known as bundled content inserts), admins can choose to stop the template from popping up as a preview on the workstation by specifying "Don't Show Content Insert" in the mail template / bundled content insert settings.
  • To Address: Allows an admin to specify an email address which is automatically inserted when accessing the mail templates from the BrandMail ribbon.
For more on Mail templates please see additional Knowledge Base resources.

Technical updates

File synchronization has been updated to use Microsoft Azure CDN for improved sync speed. 
An additional encryption layer has been added to offline files. 

Outlook quick reply to templates accommodation

BrandMail now accommodates Outlook quick reply templates, and the quick replies are correctly inserted above the BrandMail signature. 
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