Creating Social Media Banners for BrandMail

Creating Social Banners

How to create Social Media Banners for BrandMail

Social Media banners are a unique type of BrandMail banner which allows you to leverage the user-specific email signature information. This includes a banner linking to a user's calendar page, their linked in personal page, their blog, etc. Social banners use the information stored in a user's specific signature field information (as opposed to a generic URL specified by an administrator). 

Social Fields Supported

The following email signature user-specific Social Media fields are available:
  1. Blog
  2. Calendar
  3. Facebook
  4. Google
  5. Instagram
  6. LinkedIn Corporate
  7. LinkedIn Personal
  8. Pinterest
  9. Twitter
  10. Vimeo
  11. YouTube

Social Banner Design

Social Media banners are created in a similar manner as traditional email banners. 
Open the toolbar which requires the social banner and right-mouse click on the social banner folder (or create a new one under your MAIL FORMAT folder).
Select Add Social Media Template from the list.

Specify Settings

Take care to carefully select and configure each setting for your social banner. 

  1. Name: This name will reflect in all reporting as well as in the BrandMail toolbar menu (for desktop and web users)
  2. Default: A defaulted banner automatically inserts into emails. An undefaulted banner is available for use, but needs to be manually inserted by a user.
  3. Active: Only active banners will synchronize down to workstations and be available for use
  4. Rules: Allow you to configure if social banners are available for all users (default) or specific users, departments, etc. 
  5. Show on New Emails: Will automaticlaly insert into any NEW email (if defaulted)
  6. Show on Reply Emails: Will automatically insert into any REPLY email (if defaulted)
  7. Compress: Refers to compression of images (smaller file size but slightly lower quality of image)
  8. Social Media Site: Select from the Social List of Fields supported

Type: Above or below banner.
If you are running static or animated banners this setting specifies whether your social banner will appear above or below your email banner.


  1. Social Banner placed above banner

  1. Social banner placed below banner

Unique Scenarios

Book a meeting is required for one or only some of the users:

In the Rules box, amend the code snippet to include an identifier. If the team is small, input.FirstName works well, so does input.EmailAddress:

The example below shows a code snippet where the Book a Meeting banner will only apply for "PAULA":

if (input.FirstName == "PAULA") return true;
return false;
The example below shows a code snippet where the Book a Meeting banner will only apply for both "PAULA" and "SIMON":

if (input.FirstName == "PAULA") return true;
if (input.FirstName == "SIMON") return true;
return false;

Important: If you activate a social banner and no data exists for a particular user, the banner will still apply (unless you have excluded the user through the use of a Rule). The banner will then route to the BQ website. 

Multiple banners

You can activate as many banners as required, as well as specificy their availability under the availability settings. If more than one banner is active at the same time, the banners will automatically be randomized.

Minimum Requirements: BrandMail version 46 upwards. 

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