What are the benefits of a consistent corporate identity?

What are the benefits of a consistent corporate identity?

What are the benefits of a consistent corporate identity?

The application of a consistent and coherent corporate identity

  1. creates a single, steadfast and clear visual identity for the organisation
  2. projects the organisation as a professional, reliable and contemporary operation
  3. leverages brand equity and standardizes the organisation’s visual impact in all cross-media applications
  4. is an important part of creating and sustaining a healthy, lasting brand; and
  5. builds brand equity.

The application of an inconsistent corporate identity

  1. makes it harder for people to verify the authenticity of your communications, making them less likely to convert as a direct result
  2. negatively impacts on a client’s perception of your brand – lack of visual consistency looks careless and unprofessional
  3. undermines the visual memory chain, retarding efforts to build voluntary recall; and
  4. destroys brand equity.

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