Viewing your BrandMe Page (Digital Business Card)

Viewing your BrandMe Page (Digital Business Card)

Viewing your BrandMe Page (Digital Business Card)

You have a "BrandMe page" (digital business card) which lets recipients of your emails know a little more about you as well as allow them to download your contact details as a digital card to their mobile devices or laptops (including Google map).
When recipients of your emails click on your email signature, they will be redirected to your BrandMe page. 
The fields which display on your BrandMe page are configured by your toolbar administrator. 
The page can be configured to display a variety of fields and may carry your company logo or your personal photo, depending on organisational settings. Your social media company pages will automatically be included, but your personal LinkedIn page will need to be added by you. 

You can view your BrandMe page by opening a new email, going to the BrandMail tab & clicking on "View My BrandMe page".

This is what external recipients of your emails can access and download via your email signature.

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