Deleting the BrandMail Database

Deleting the BrandMail Database

BrandMail: How to delete the BrandMail database

When a corruption exists in the BrandMail database, some of the content may not be available on the toolbar and the signature may not display. Deleting the database is like a "hard reset" which allows the workstation to then do a fresh download of all templates.
Please do not worry about deleting the database, the database file will be recreated during the next sync. 

In order to delete the BrandMail database file, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Settings dialogue from the BrandMail tab:

2. Locate the BrandMail database file (BrandMail.db). The easiest way to do this is to go to your BrandMail settings and copy the path under "Database Location"
3. Delete the file called BrandMail.db
4. Resync the BrandMail toolbar, by clicking "Synchronize Data"
This will recreate the complete BrandMail database file and eliminate any corrupted files.
Please note that the sync will take a little longer than normal since all your templates will be re-synced to your workstation from scratch. 

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