BrandMail Error: Base Folder/Directory not being created

BrandMail Error: Base Folder/Directory not being created

This error occurs generally when the software has been deployed via central deployment and the installation has not fully completed. 

Base folder error

The first option you have is to reboot your workstation and check if the reboot forces the installation to finish to create the folder.  

If the reboot does not create the "base" folder, you need to get a software engineer out to create the base folder manually. Get the
engineer to go to C:\Program Files (x86)\BrandQuantum\BrandMail. 

Base folder missing

The software engineer needs to create a new folder called "base".

Base folder created

Once the folder has been create you need to get the engineer to right-click on the folder and choose Properties. The engineer will need to go to the Security tab and grant the Authenticated Users MODIFY permissions on the folder.

Base Properties
Once this is completed you should be able to send emails out without any issues.

In order to test whether the base folder has been fixed correctly, please go to a new email, and select your toolbar in the drop-down toolbar list. Close the email and start a new email. 

The signature should now appear without any errors. This mean the base folder has been correctly fixed. The toolbar can now be defaulted again.