How to delete the BrandOffice database in case of a database corruption

Deleting the BrandOffice database

How to delete the BrandOffice database

If a corruption develops in your BrandOffice database it may be necessary to delete the database and do a fresh sync. Deleting the database is like a "hard reset" which allows the workstation to then do a fresh download of all templates. Please do not worry about deleting the database, the database file will be recreated during the next sync.

Version 32 and above

From version 32 of BrandOffice deleting the database has become even simpler. 
  1. Go to the BrandOffice ribbon and click Synchronize Data
  2. The platform will wait 5 seconds prior to commencing the sync
  3. Within the first 5 seconds click on the Delete Databse button

This will delete the database on the workstation and will automatically begin a fresh forced sync to download the complete toolbar from scratch.

Version 31 and below

Open the Settings dialogue from the BrandOffice ribbon and locate the BrandOffice database file (BrandOffice.db).

The easiest way to do this is to go to your BrandOffice settings and copy the path under "Database Location".
  1. Delete the file called BrandOffice.db
  2. Resync the BrandOffice toolbar, by clicking "Synchronize Data"

This will recreate the complete BrandOffice database file and eliminate any corrupted files
Please note that the sync will take a little longer than normal since all your templates will be re-synced to your workstation from scratch.