How to Clear your Old Outlook Signature

Clearing your Old Outlook Email Signature

How to Clear your Old Outlook Signature

If your old Outlook signature has not been cleared from Outlook, you may experience problems with Outlook appearing slow, restarting or hanging. This is due to the conflict between your old Outlook settings and your new BrandMail settings. In order to resolve this, you simply need to disable your old Outlook signature on your mailbox. 
Note: If you have multiple mailboxes, you may need to repeat this for each mailbox
1. Open Outlook and got to File
2. Go to Options
3. Click on Mail
4. Click on Signatures

5. Please change the settings under "new messages" and "Replies/forwards" to none. 

6. Click OK. 
7. Please restart Outlook for these changes to take effect. 
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