BrandSuite System Tray App: Enable a Disabled Add-in

BrandSuite System Tray App: Enable a Disabled Add-in

Use the BrandSuite System Tray App to re-enable a disabled add-in (BrandMail)

From version upwards

Microsoft Office unfortunately disables add-ins if any of the Office applications start up slowly (this could be due to a slow connection, a mailbox which is almost full, etc). 

Prior versions of BrandMail required a manual process to re-enable the add-in. However, from BrandMail version we introduced the BrandSuite System Tray app, to assist you in quickly re-enabling a disabled add-in (and to ensure that it stays permanently enabled). 

Follow these steps if BrandMail (or BrandOffice) has become disabled:

1. Go to your Windows Search Dialogue and type in "BrandSuite" to quickly locate the System Tray App

2. Run the BrandSuite System Tray App
3. Go to your System Tray and locate the BrandSuite System Tray icon

4. Right-mouse click on the BrandSuite icon and select Check for Issues

5. The system tray app will scan BrandSuite (both BrandOffice and BrandMail) for any issues, including re-enabling a disabled add-in:

6. You may also copy the diagnostic report to Clipboard and share it with your IT support team if necessary. 

See also (for older versions of BrandMail):

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