BrandMail: What is my default toolbar?

BrandMail: What is my default toolbar?

BrandMail: What is my default toolbar?

Your default toolbar determines which signature is defaulted when you compose new emails, reply to emails and forward emails. 
To check which toolbar is "defaulted", check the default in the dialogue box as shown below (the drop down under "Please select your BrandMail toolbar below:"

If you have more than one toolbar available in the drop down menu, you can move between toolbars and this will give you access to a different email signature as well as different content. Speak to your toolbar administrator if you need access to additional toolbars. 

If there is no default toolbar available when you compose new emails or reply to emails (as per the image below), it means your toolbar has not been defaulted.

Please contact your toolbar administrator in order to default your toolbar or contact

If your email signature does not appear, please also see: 

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