How to set-up the BrandMail Web Add-in for Microsoft 365

BrandMail Web Add-in Set-Up for Microsoft 365

How to set-up the BrandMail Web Add-in for Microsoft 365 (Organization Wide)

Supports Microsoft 365 Outlook Web App, Microsoft Outlook for Mac and "New Look Outlook" for Microsoft 365 Windows users

BrandMail Web is an add-in for Microsoft 365, which is enabled at the Microsoft 365 tenant level. Once enabled, the add-in will automatically be available to all your organization’s Outlook Web, Outlook for Mac and "New Look Outlook" users. Emails are branded at the point of email creation, with no mail rerouting.

BrandMail Web works alongside BrandMail Lite.
Use: on its own or together with BrandMail desktop and BrandMail Lite. Available for both Windows and Mac users running Outlook in the web. 

BrandMail Web for Microsoft 365 Architecture

Setting up BrandMail Web for Microsoft 365 consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Log into your Azure Active Directory

Log in to your Azure Active Directory either via the Azure Portal  or the Microsoft Office Portal.

Step 2:  Access Integrated Apps

Once you have logged into Office Portal go to the Integrated apps.

Step 3: Upload custom app

Select Upload custom apps. Select provide link to manifest file. 

Step 4: Request  Manifest URL from BQ

To request the BrandMail Web manifest URL, please email: or go to the Web Admin Console, click Updates \ Software and the URL for the manifest will be found in the software list.

Step 5: Validate the manifest URL

Please click the Validate button to validate the manifest URL provided.

Step 6: Select deployment users

Please select which users you would like to deploy the add-in to.

Step 7: Accept permissions requests

Please accept the application permissions.

Step 8: Authenticate

As an administrator you will need to authenticate using your AAD credentials in order to accept permissions for the organization.

Step 9: Accept Multi Tenant Add-In Authentication (Europe)

Please accept the application.

Step 10: Finish deployment

Please review and finish the deployment.

Please click Done once the deployment is complete. Please allow for 6 to 24 hours for the application to appear.

The application will now appear listed under the integrated apps.

To access BrandMail, go to Outlook Web App and start a new email. 

Step 11: Click on the add-ins icon and click on BrandMail

Step 12: Synchronize data

Click Sync Data. Once complete, discard the email. When opening the next new email or reply, the signature and banners / surveys will be available.

Note: When making changes in the BQIgnite platform, please perform a manual sync to ensure the latest revisions always appear in the browser.

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