BrandMail Toolbar Overview

BrandMail Toolbar Overview

BrandMail Toolbar Overview

The drop-down menu gives you access to multiple “toolbars”. Access to these is based on a user’s profile, and the “groups” they belong to.

The BrandMail ribbon in Outlook consists of “Brand Standards”, “Brand Tools”, “Brand Resources”, “Mail Templates”, “Mail Format”, “Mail Verify”, “Mail Campaign” and “Brand Search”.

Brand Toolbars

Moving between toolbars (by selecting a different toolbar from the drop down menu), will give you access to different content on different toolbars. Access to various toolbars is controlled by toolbar administrators. 

Brand Compliant Emails

Brand compliant Mails are available to assist you in complying with and achieving consistency across when creating and sending email communications. If you need assistance with this, please contact your toolbar administrators or your marketing team. 

Click on the tab you would like to access. Once clicked, the folders relevant to that tab will be visible as indicated below:

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