BrandMail: My signature size keeps changing

BrandMail: My signature size keeps changing

BrandMail: My signature size keeps changing

The size of the email signature is affected by a few factors, including: 

1. Your image settings (in MS Word)
2. Your Windows dpi settings

Image settings:

MS Outlook uses Microsoft Word as its base editor when creating emails. This means that if the image settings in Microsoft Word are not correct, it will potentially interfere with how your email signature is rendered. 

In order to determine what ppi (pixel per inch) setting you are using, please do the following: 

1. Open Microsoft Word
2. File > Options > Advanced
Under "Image Size and Quality", there is a "Set default target output to" setting
4. Please ensure it is set to 96 dpi and that "All New Documents" is selected.

5. Click "OK"
6. Close down Word and restart your machine. 

If this does not fix your email signature, banner and general image display on Outlook, then adjust your Windows Display settings, as per the steps below. 

Windows Display Settings: 

Not such a well documented fact, is that your dpi settings in Windows affect the treatment of images, such as those used in email signatures. When the dpi is set to more than 100%, the reported outcome is that users report "signatures that change in size" and "email banners that change in size". The distortion of images in an email trail is not limited to those generated by BrandMail, but ALL images embedded in the trail of an email conversation. 

In order to rectify this, the Windows settings on the user's workstation must be looked at. 

1. Right mouse click on the desktop
2. Go to > display settings

3. Check the "Scale and layout" settings. Usually when distortion of size occurs it is related to the scale been set to larger than 100%.
4. Check the "Resolution" settings. With workstations with very high resolution, often the resolution is set to the maximum settings.
5. Reduce the Scale and Layout to 100% (or lower than what it is set to), and reduce the Resolution settings. 
6. This may involve testing the setting change several times, until the signatures (and other images sent by the user) appear "normal". 
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