How to set up BrandMail Lite Mail Flow for Google Workspace

BrandMail Lite Mail Flow Set-up for Google Workspace

How to set up BrandMail Lite Mail Flow for Google Workspace

BrandMail Lite allows you to brand emails from your organization via a mail flow rule, which appends email signatures, banners and surveys to organizational emails sent by users when you use Google Workspace as your main email architecture environment. 

If your users have the desktop version of BrandMail (Windows) emails sent from the desktop version will continue to flow directly from the workstation to recipients. BrandMail Lite will then take care of branding emails sent from mobile devices, tablets as well as those sent by Mac users. 

BrandMail Lite for Google Workspace ArchitectureBrandMail Lite for Google Workspace Architecture


Setting up BrandMail Lite for Google Workspace consists of the following steps:

1. Adding a new host, to allow your email to be routed to BrandMail Lite
2. Routing to BrandMail Lite by adding a mail flow rule
3. Receiving from BrandMail Lite by configuring the SMTP service
4. Updating your SPF record

Add a new host

Adding a new host allows your email to be routed to BrandMail Lite.

1. into your Google Workspace Admin Account and click on Apps

2. Click on Google Workspace

3. Highlight GMAIL (don't tick)

4. Click on Hosts

5. Click on ADD ROUTE

6. Select the correct security checkboxes as per the screenshot below

7. Name the mail route

Name: Send to BrandQuantum Mail Router
Single host:
Port: 25
Click SAVE

Routing to BrandMail Lite

To route emails to the BrandMail Lite servers:

8. Select Compliance

9. Scroll to Content Compliance and click CONFIGURE

Content Compliance Configuration

10. The ADD SETTING dialog will display. 

In Content compliance add the following descriptor: Send to BrandQuantum Mail Router
In point 1 (Email messages to affect), select:
  1. outbound
  2. Internal - Sending 

11. Under Expression click ADD

Add setting

12. In the Simple content match drop-down, select Advanced content match

13. Complete the following settings

  1. From the Location drop-down, select Full headers
  2. From Match type drop-down, select Not contains text
  3. In Content, enter: X-BrandMail-Processed
Click SAVE to save the settings and return back to the Content Compliance Add setting window.

The Expression will now appear in the Expressions box.

Ensure that all the expressions above are included. 

15. Scroll down to Route

16. Select Change route and in the drop down, select Send to BrandQuantum Mail Router and select Require secure transport (TLS). Click SAVE.

17. The new rule now appears under Content compliance

Receiving email from BrandMail Lite

To receive emails back from BrandMail Lite (for routing to end recipients) please configure the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) relay service following these steps:

18. From the Settings for Gmail listings page, scroll down and select Routing

19. Scroll down to SMTP relay service and select CONFIGURE

20. The Add setting window is displayed

21. Add setting
  1. In SMTP relay service add: Receive from BrandQuantum Mail Router
  2. In allowed senders: Only addresses in my domains
  3. Authentication: Select Only accept mail from the specified IP addresses
  4. Click ADD

22. In Description add: BrandQuantum Router

23. Enter IP address/range

IP address/range:
Click SAVE

24. In encryption select: Require TLS encryption

Click SAVE

25. The newly configured SMTP relay service appears, as per the screenshot below

You have now successfully configured receiving emails form BrandMail Lite. 
Please ensure you click SAVE at the bottom of the page for all changes to take effect. Changes can take up to an hour to become active.
VERY IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the BrandMail Lite configuration, please update your SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record, to ensure that no emails are marked as spam.

Updating your SPF record

Updating your SPF record ensures that your emails will not be marked as spam. Depending on which IP you are routing through, please include one of the following IPs in your SPF record:
BQIgnite Azure Europe:    
BQIgnite Azure Africa: