BrandMail | Clearing your User Credentials

BrandMail | Clearing your User Credentials

Clearing your credentials in BrandMail: 

If you are no longer licensed for BrandMail but your workstation still has the software loaded, it will continue to try and synchronize. Should your synchronization not be successful, the system will notify you via email in order to rectify your synchronization. 

You can either:

1. Uninstall the application completely (you may need Admin rights on your machine in order to do so)
2. You can clear your credentials

To clear your credentials:

1. Open a new email
2. Got to the BRANDMAIL tab
3. Click on Settings

4. Clear the content in the two boxes shown (by deleting any information in these 2 boxes): Username and password.  
5. Click OK. 

This will now ensure that that the software will no longer connect to the BQIgnite Platform, and the failed authentication messages will no longer be sent to you. 

If you believe you have been erroneously deactivated as a user, please contact your administrator or email and we will facilitate the communication to your administrator.