BrandMail: Font colour appears incorrect when typing in emails

BrandMail: Font colour appears incorrect when typing in emails

Why does the font colour not appear correct when I am typing in the body of my emails?

This may be due to: 

1. The default font for your brand may have changed. The BrandMail template governs the font, font colour and font size for all users to type with. If you are not sure what this is, please confirm with your toolbar administrator. 

2. If your "new email" or "reply email" normally carries an email banner and you have chosen to delete the banner, your cursor may now be in the banner portion of the template. In this case, the font colour may appear in blue or in a hyperlink colour. The line spacing will also be affected. 

In order to avoid this, please insert your cursor closer to the email signature when typing or simply remove the banner after you have finished typing the email. 

If you repeatedly find yourself removing banners, please chat to your toolbar administrator about removing banners in the default "new" and "reply" template.
From version of BrandMail, banners may be included under the email signatures, which would also assist with this problem. 

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