Brand Standards: Adding Fonts to the Toolbar(s)

Brand Standards: Adding Fonts to the Toolbar(s)

How to Add Fonts to your BrandOffice Toolbar(s)

BrandOffice allows you to install (via the toolbar) fonts to all your user workstations directly via the BrandOffice and BrandMail toolbar(s). Adding fonts will automatically install these, removing fonts will automatically uninstall fonts. 

1. Log into the Admin Console using your credentials.
2. Identify the toolbars on which you would like to add fonts to install. 
3. Go to the Brand Standards folder and right click on the menu item:

4. Locate your font files and upload one at a time:

5. Click Save Changes.
6. Once you have synced the fonts will be installed and available for your users to use on their toolbars:

You may load either .TTF files or .OTF files as font files. Please ensure that your fonts are licensed (where required) before sharing for installation with all your users.

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