Brand Standards: Adding Colours to the Toolbar

Brand Standards: Adding Colours to the Toolbar

How to Add Colours to BrandOffice Toolbars

Key Concepts

Your brand's colours can be added onto toolbars in order to ensure that your users always use the correct brand standards. Before adding colours to toolbars, it's useful to understand a few concepts:
  1. The Brand Standards folder is used to house the correct Font, Fill and Line colours for your users to use
  2. The Brand Tools folder allows you to create multiple Brand Themes which your users can use when working with documents, charts, tables, etc. It is useful to set a default theme on your toolbars.
  3. Your BrandOffice templates should be created with your Brand Standards and Brand Themes in mind. 
A good tip is to ensure that your Brand Standards and Brand Themes are created first. You can then apply the themes to your templates so when your users access your templates the correct colours are already part of the templates. 

What are Fill Colours?

Fill colours are colours which users use in Word, Excel or PPT when drawing shapes. Below is an application of a fill colour:

Adding Fill Colours

In the example below we will add Magenta as a Fill Colour to the BrandInc Co. Marketing Toolbar.

1. Go to the Toolbars menu and locate the toolbar you would like to add fill colours to. Double click on the toolbar, so the tree structure appears. 

2. Open up the Brand Standards Menu by clicking on the arrow next to the folder name:

3. Select the Fill Colours folder by clicking on it
5. Right-mouse click the Fill Colours folder to bring out the editing menu Go to Brand Standards > Add Fill Colours

NB: Please ensure you add Fill Colours in the Fill Colours Folder, Font Colours in Font Colours folder and Line Colours in the line colours folder. If you use the incorrect colour type, the application of colour will not work on the toolbars as you intended.
6. Give you colour a name in the space provided
7. Add the RGB values for your colour
8. Click Save


The colour swatch will now appear on the toolbar as shown below.

Should you manually sync the toolbar it will appear in BrandOffice as shown below:
Continue to repeat this process until you have added all your desired brand colours.

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