How to archive and retrieve brandmail toolbar items

Archiving BrandMail toolbar items

How to archive and unarchive BrandMail toolbar items

If your toolbar is growing with all the content you are adding, you may want to archive some of your items. This will ensure your toolbars remain optimally sized, whilst still keeping a repository of items not in use. Whilst the availablity function provides a way in which to manage start and end dates of when items are available, archiving an item will reduce the number of items synchronizing to your users and help keep your toolbar manageable and smaller in size. 

Archiving an item

The email banner below is seasonal. Whilst the flighting can be managed using the availablity function, archiving the banner will reduce the number of items synchronizing to your users and help keep your toolbar manageable. 

Right mouse-click on your items and select Archive Item.

Archiving BrandMail toolbar items

You will be prompted to accept the archiving. 

Unarchiving an item

To retrieve an item from your archive, click on the archive icon next to the search bar:

Unarching a toolbar item

The items currently in your archive will appear on the toolbar in the position in which they appeared prior to archiving. To unarchive the item, select it and right-mouse click. 
Click on unarchive item.

Unarchiving specific toolbar items

Your item will appear back in your live toolabr in the same state as prior to the archiving. 

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