Adding Documents to BrandOffice Toolbars

Adding Documents to BrandOffice Toolbars

As an administrator you can add the following types of documents to toolbars: 
  1. Word, Excel, PPT Templates
  2. Word Inserts (content)
  3. PPT slides
  4. Chart Templates
  5. Stock Data Chart Template
  6. PDF
  7. BrandArt
  8. Image
  9. URL 

Add Word, Excel, PPT Templates

When adding templates, be sure to use the correct template extensions as outlined below:

Word Templates: .dotx
PPT Templates: .potx
Excel Templates: .xltx

1. Identify the required Toolbar (by going to CONTENT >TOOLBARS)
2. Right-mouse click on the correct folder (Word, Excel or PPT)
3. Click Add Documents
4. Click Add Microsoft Office Document

5. Provide a document name (Required)
6. Provide a document owner (Not required but advised)
7. Click Save Changes to upload

Tip: Check your file size to ensure that the document has uploaded successfully. Manually synchronise your toolbar to ensure that the templates open as expected in BrandOffice. Note the maximum upload file size of 25 MB. 

Add Word Inserts

Word inserts are snippets of content that users can drop into documents. These are not limited to text only, but could include images and diagrams, such as an organogram or table. It’s important to base your content inserts on the document template you are likely to insert the content into, in order to ensure that your styles are consistent, and the insert appears as intended.

When adding Word content inserts, be sure to use the correct format below extensions as outlined below:

Word Inserts:  .docx 

1. Start by downloading the template you are likely to insert the text into. For example, if you are creating a product snippet to insert into a proposal, download your proposal template to use as a basis.
2. Strip out all elements out of the header and footer (so they are not inserted into your new document) and apply your styles to the snippet as required.
3.Save your content snippet as a Word document for upload

Remember that the file name is used in Brand Search, so the name of your file will be useful for users searching for content inserts.

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